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Marine ecosystems

New Caledonia’s exclusive economic zone spans over 1,500,000 km2.

Source DTSI
Source DTSI
It includes, on the one hand:
- shallow-water corals, lagoons and reefs (New Caledonian Lagoon, Ouvéa Lagoon, Petrie and Astrolabe reefs, Beautemps-Beaupré Atoll, L’Orne Bank, Entrecasteaux reefs, Chesterfield and Bellona plateaus)

- and, on the other hand, areas of open ocean characterised by ridges:
Lord Howe, Fairway, Norfolk and Loyalty ridges, seamounts, sedimentary basins, volcanic hot spots at the western end, the New Hebrides basin and the South Fijian basin in the east.
This diversity of features – from shallow-water corals to the open ocean – is home to an extraordinary diversity of life forms and ecosystems.
Being an archipelago, New Caledonia has a thriving and diverse coastline, home notably to stands of mangroves.
So from the biodiversity of marine ecosystems we can distinguish areas of open sea (the big blue), shallow-water corals (reefs and lagoons) and the coastline and tidal areas (coastal, intertidal and mangrove stands).

Source DTSI
Source DTSI

Frédéric Dhie

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