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One of the planet’s most threatened ecosystems

A rare but rich, almost magical environment, it is one of earth’s most threatened ecosystems.

One of the planet’s most threatened ecosystems
Although today it only occupies 1 % (45 km2) of its initial surface area in New Caledonia, the dry forest is still home to 252 endemic species with this type of plant formation, out of the 456 inventoried. Located near the coastline of the west coast, this formation is a form of transition between the rainforest and mangrove. It is perfectly adapted to dryness. It houses diversified fauna comprised of insect, gastropods, reptiles and birds.
However, the low capacity of natural dissemination and the extreme fragmentation of the sites threaten the survival of the species. The "fragments" of dry forests subsisting are threatened by human activity and by introduced species, often intrusive.