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Launch of the biodiversity portal in New Caledonia: "A world first"
Find the press release to download at the bottom of this page.

• New Caledonia, a research laboratory for
an exceptional biodiversity
o Terrestrial Ecosystem: An endemicity to 82%
o Marine ecosystem: World biodiversity hot spot
o A living research laboratory for scientists and researchers

• Biodiversity website/portal project originated by
the CCE and the CCR
o The Consultative Committee for Research (CCR)
o The Consultative Committee on the Environment (CCE)

• Genesis of the www.biodiversite.nc website/portal
o Uniting Biodiversity actors
o New Caledonia: Naturally exceptional!
o Thanks to the actors/partners in Biodiversity
o Presentation of the www.biodiversite.nc website/portal

• Appendix: Biodiversity and institutional organization
of New Caledonia
Press Kit

Frédéric Dhie