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The coral reefs and lagoons

New Caledonia is in a privileged location in the south east of the global zone richest in types of coral (Philippines – Indonesia) and in an interface position between the tropical zone and the temperate zone.

The coral reefs and lagoons
The coral reefs and lagoons of New Caledonia are recognized among the international community as a « hot spot » of global biodiversity.
The reef which surrounds the Caledonian Grande Terre is one of the largest three reef systems in the world and is in an excellent state of conservation.
This immense barrier of coral borders and protects the Caledonian lagoons. Nearly 1,600 km long, it is the longest continuous barrier and the second largest barrier in the world. In certain places a double or triple barrier reef is observed, a very rare phenomenon, there are less than 10 of these worldwide.
With its 23,400 km² of lagoons and around 8,000 km² of reef constructions, this coral ecosystem represents one of the most varied and most vast reef ensembles in the world.
To this large ensemble is added other remarkable reef constructions such as those of the island of Ouvéa, the Pseudo Atoll of Beautemps-Beaupré, the two large plateaux of Chesterfield and Bellona and secondary reef formations.

The coral reefs and lagoons

Frédéric Dhie

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